This 9-day trip is an extraordinary adventure through one of Italy’s least known and populated regions, despite its relatively close proximity to the large metropolises of both Rome and Naples. The region claims to be the greenest in Europe, and given that two thirds of the area are mountainous and one third is protected, it is hard to dispute this. We will experience the natural riches of all three of Abruzzo’s National Parks, each surprisingly different from the next, and all of which are home to marvellous and rare plants and a variety of animals, such as wolves, chamois, red deer, wild boar and the Marsican bear. The Abruzzesi are resourceful, respectful and welcoming people, who are neither northern nor southern, which lends them and their region a spirit and identity that sets them apart from the rest of Italy.

Throughout our trip we walk along ancient sheep droves, across vast mountain plains, amongst forested valleys and narrow gorges, along the tops of spectacular ridges, through fields, pastures and medieval villages, some of which are not only the most picturesque and remote in the region, but also with regards to the rest of Italy. We come upon abandoned castles, ruined churches, abbeys and hermitages that are a testimony to the territory’s eventful and ancient past. We stay in three hotels (two nights in each) and in one agriturismo for two nights, which have been chosen for their comfort and the unique experiences they offer.

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Fitness Level3/4
DatesJune 03 -June 11, 2024
Cost pp
Single S.
€ 3.390,00
€ 510,00
Airport Rome Fiumicino

The fitness level for all trips is classified according to the average distance and elevation gain of the walks offered, with fitness levels ranging from 1-5, see here for more details.