We walk, not only for the sake of walking (which we happen to enjoy immensely!), but because walking often allows us to reach places that cannot be reached by any other means of transport other than one’s own two feet. Walking means that we inevitably take things slow, covering less of a distance than one would by bicycle or by car, for example, but in doing so we are transported to a universe full of fine details related to the flora and fauna, geology and geography, customs and traditions etc., which can only be appreciated through the genuinely intimate experience and contact that walking through an area provides.

WALKAWAY is about travelling abroad (away) to discover and to experience. For some people it is also about getting away from responsibilities and/or the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a period time, during which life becomes a new walking adventure each day.

When one thinks of a ‘way’; understood as a path, road, route or course leading from one place to another, one immediately thinks of the Way of St. James (Camino de Santiago), yet, in reality, there are an infinite number of lesser-known ways throughout the world waiting to be (re)discovered. At WALKAWAY we go to great lengths to introduce guests to some of these lesser-known or even forgotten ways, often combining or even inventing ways in order to create a continuous route from one place to another. There are, however, no specific guidelines or fixed formulae that we follow when creating a trip, other than choosing what we consider to be extremely beautiful and interesting travel destinations and researching the most enjoyable and rewarding walks to be found there. The same logic is employed when choosing the accommodation and restaurants. We strive to obtain the best as well as the most diverse experiences a place has to offer.

Bespoke trips

You decide WHO you would like to travel with. Choose to travel with friends, family, colleagues, people you have met on other walking holidays.

You decide WHERE. For the time being (see list of countries and/or regions) where we operate. If there is a destination to which you would like to travel that doesn’t feature amongst the list, please feel free to consult us all the same.

You decide WHEN. This, of course, comes with some limitations, but there will certainly be some flexibility with regards to travel dates, especially for those who plan far ahead.
If you happen to be interested in doing a private trip with WALKAWAY please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scheduled escorted group trips

These all-inclusive trips are designed for a maximum of 12 persons looking to enjoy a walking holiday in the company of other like-minded people. While the formula used for each trip may vary slightly, the aim and the focus is always the same: to provide the best and most enjoyable walks available. Walks that allow one to connect with the natural surroundings, the culture, the people. Walks that stimulate one’s appetite to better enjoy the exquisite local cuisine and fatigue one’s muscles to better appreciate the comfortable accommodation.

Departures for escorted group trips will initially be communicated through the newsletter. All the details related to the trip(s) will be provided in the same.

We offer scheduled escorted group trips all over Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America and South Asia.