The fitness level for all trips is classified according to the average distance and elevation gain of the walks offered, with fitness levels ranging from 1-5 (see below). Of course, qualifying the overall difficulty of a trip is much more complex and numbers alone are not enough. In fact, several other factors must also be taken into account, such as the terrain, the possibility to offer optional pick-ups which allow one to walk less or miss out on more difficult sections of a walk, or because there is one day of the trip that happens to be more difficult than the others. The fitness level established for each trip aims to reflect all of these factors.

If you have any doubts about the fitness level required for any of the trips, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, so that we can personally provide you with in-depth details about all the trips and walks and make sure that you choose the trip that is best for you.

Fitness LevelAverage TimeDistance MilesDistance KmsMax Elevation Gain FeetMax Elevation Gain Metres
Level 12-3 hours2-5 miles3-8 kmUp to 800 feetUp to 250 metres
Level 22-4 hours4-7 miles6-11 kmUp to 1300 feetUp to 400 metres
Level 33-5 hours5-9 miles8-15 kmUp to 2000 feetUp to 600 metres
Level 44-6 hours6-11 miles10-18 kmUp to 3000 feetUp to 900 metres
Level 55-7 + hours7-13 + miles11-21 + kmUp to 4000 + feetUp to 1200 metres