At WALKAWAY no short cuts are taken when creating a new trip or organising an already established one. All the research and planning is meticulously taken care of by the same person. Furthermore, it is this same person who leads the trips, which means that you always travel with somebody who is intimately familiar with the trip and responsible for both its organisation and execution. This means that the tour leader has a great degree of flexibility and the ability to take immediate action if a situation so requires in order to guarantee guests’ maximum enjoyment.

Speak directly to the person who has designed the trip

When you enquire about a trip, you will have the opportunity to speak directly to the person who has designed it (a process that can take several weeks or even months in some cases, between all the walks, -many of which are never used-, travel and research). It is my privilege to be able to provide you with an extremely detailed day by day (or even hour by hour, if you prefer!) description of all the different aspects related to the trips and or areas we know, such as: general fitness level required, vertiginous sections, difficult descents, long climbs, scenery, flora and fauna, weather, loo stops, coffee breaks, swimming opportunities, hotels, restaurants etc.

This means that all and any questions can be thoroughly answered and that you will be sure to choose or create the trip that is most suitable for you.

Many years of experience leading and developing trips

Since 2011 I have been leading and developing trips all over Italy and beyond. This experience has provided me with a very intimate knowledge of the areas where we travel, as well as an acute understanding of what guests are looking for and desire in a trip. Having lived in different places in Italy since 2001 (minus an 8 year interval spent living in Spain) has undoubtedly provided further insight and given way to a profound attachment to this particular country.

While at the heart of WALKAWAY there may just be one person, all of the trips offered are only possible thanks to the invaluable collaboration of other tour leaders, local guides, restaurateurs, hoteliers and the many other extraordinary people we encounter along the way.

Empathy, good company and (hopefully)a great deal of fun…

Over the years it has become apparent how important it is not only to meet guests’ needs and desires, but also to understand guests and empathise with them. This is made relatively easy not only by a genuine interest in people, desire for good company and understanding and appreciation that everyone is different, but also because these qualities tend to characterise the guests who travel with us.

We cannot guarantee that you will have fun (nobody can), but we certainly go to great lengths to reach this goal!