The fascinating Etruscan civilization predates the Romans and dates from around 800 BC until it was assimilated into the Roman Republic in the 1st century BC. For 9 days we walk through Italy’s central regions of Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, following many remarkable ways that were established by the Etruscans well over 2,500 years ago and have survived until today. Naturally, these ways include the intriguing and awe-inspiring sunken lanes known as thevie cave’, which are entirely unique to this area. Over the course of the trip we explore the outstanding medieval towns of Civita di Bagnoregio, Orvieto, Bolsena, Sorano, Sovana and Pitigliano, all of which were Etruscan in origin. Each one of these towns is set amongst an unspoilt natural beauty, which seems to conceal still today many mysteries and secrets from the past.

In addition to the ancient Etruscan roads, we walk along the via Cassia, an ancient Roman road, which, like many others of its kind, incorporated pre-existing Etruscan roads. The stretch of the Cassia we walk along also happens to be a stage of the Via Francigena, the historic pilgrimage route to Rome. In general, the walks we do take across gently rolling hills, rich arable farmland and fertile plateaux, up and down volcanic outcrops and the rounded rims of an ancient craters, through narrow ravines and luxuriant gorges, wide secluded valleys, amongst evocative woods, lovely vineyards and olive groves and along the sandy shores of the pristine Lago di Bolsena. We stay in three comfortable hotels and in one agriturismo and enjoy a wonderful range of cuisine as we walk through the three different regions, all of which happen to produce some very good wines as well.

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Fitness Level3
Days 9
Cost pp
Single S.
AirportRome Fiumicino

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