This 10-day trip takes us to some of Sicily’s most remote and lesser-known islands, all of which are strikingly different from the next in terms of landscape, history, culture, geology etc. There is something altogether magical about each of these places. Their ambiguous identity and remote nature evoke an intriguing sense of mystery and tranquillity. They are so distant from our current reality that is hard to imagine that they could have been any other way, even if historical and geological evidence tell us otherwise. They also happen to be excellent places to walk.

We began the trip by visiting all three of the Aegadian Islands: Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo, located off the western coast of Sicily and the scene to a battle of one of the most costly and devastating conflicts in human history: the First Punic War. After thoroughly exploring each of these islands, we travel to the volcanic island of Pantelleria, which is much closer to Africa (Tunisia) than it is to the island of Sicily and is as about as remote as any island in the Mediterranean can be.

We walk along outstanding coastal paths, cross pasturelands and aromatic slopes, cultivated plains and abandoned farming terraces, climb to ruined castles, churches, small mountain peaks and volcanic rims. We take time to admire prehistoric cave paintings, extremely unique and picturesque forms of traditional rural architecture and impressive disused tufa quarries-cum-gardens; we visit delightful seaside villages with white-washed houses and cobalt blue harbours; we travel by hydrofoil, ferry and plane and swim in turquoise waters. We indulge in extremely fresh and flavourful cuisine, the sum of successive episodes of foreign domination. We stay in in just three, carefully chosen Mediterranean-style hotels.

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Fitness Level3
Dates April 26 – May 05, 2024
Cost pp
Single S.
€ 3.996,00
€ 580,00

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