Sicily is not only the largest island of the Mediterranean, it also lies at the sea’s most important crossroads, which historically gave it immense strategic value. Today it is a palimpsest of earlier civilisations, their remains jostling alongside each other against the backdrop of extraordinary natural beauty. Given the extent of its cultural and natural treasures, in combination with the vastness of its territory, it is not possible to see it all just one trip. For this reason, this 11-day journey focuses on just the eastern part of the island, which is best known for its UNESCO hill towns (Montalbano filming locations!) that were devastated by an earthquake in the late 17th century, and subsequently rebuilt in the Sicilian Baroque-style; its impressive Greek and Roman archaeological sites, as well as a great diversity of magnificent natural environments and landscapes.

Over the course of this trip we walk through a fascinating limestone territory, exploring canyons and gorges scored by waterways over the millennia and luxuriant with vegetation in their depths, which, in most cases, are only accessible on foot. We cross smooth green pastures (during certain times of the year) and agricultural land featuring a chequerboard of beautifully constructed dry-stone walls and dotted with intense green carob trees, ancient olives and contorted almonds, often with views of the gleaming Mediterranean Sea in the distance. 

We walk amongst the Vendicari Nature Reserve, an eight-kilometre stretch of wild protected coastline famous for its beautiful wetlands (and beaches) where more than 250 species of birds have been recorded.

We discover the ancient Bronze Age (UNESCO) site of the Necropolis of Pantalica, whose sheer limestone walls are perforated with over 5,000 tombs and cave dwellings amid what is an astonishingly beautiful and unspoiled natural setting. 

We visit the Ancient Syracuse (UNESCO), which rivalled Athens as the largest and most powerful city of the Greek world, and today boasts an extraordinary number of world-class monuments and archaeological sites that simply cannot be missed.

The last two days of the trip have been set aside to walk amongst the upper slopes of Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe and yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, owing to its intense and persistent volcanic activity; and to embark upon a very interesting and original walking “tour” of Taormina, with its privileged position overlooking both the sea and Mount Etna.  

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